Frederick Head Nominee for Congress 5th District; Make Me The HEAD Of Your Ticket For Congress

Original Wraps. One page folded pamphlet. 15 x 8 cm. Head ran for Congress in 1914 & 1916 on the Prohibition Party ticket. Unfortunately for Head, his district encompassed the heart of the wine country. In this platform speech Head implores his constituents to "think of the 'boys and girls'...A saw mill can no more run without logs than the liquor traffic can without boys and girls?...There are questions of importance to be settled in Congress in the near future, but in its financial, social, economic and moral aspect, the liquor question out ranks all others, and no man can vote freely on this question who can be terrorized by the liquor traffic with the threat of defeat of himself and his party unless he obeys the dictates of the liquor power. The only party not afraid is the Prohibition party on this question." Head ends with "Remember the 'Kiddies.' Frederick Head received less than 6% of the vote and lost to John I. Nolan of the 'Bull Moose' Progressive party. Pristine condition. Orig. black and white one page folded pamphlet. Fine. Item #143

Price: $20.00

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